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This photo series depicts silk scarves from the 1950s through the 90s as they flutter quickly to the ground. Oddly undecided whether they are two- or three-dimensional, or whether they are pictures or art objects, these scarves are in an identity crisis in its visible, physical form. Their styles reference the artistic movements of their times. Under Klimas's direction, they cite abstract expressionism, op and pop art, and call to mind artists such as Rothko, Vasarely and Lichtenstein. With these works, Klimas traces the path from fashion accessories back to art. In the places where he pauses, brilliant color spaces meet minimalistic geometric patterns and unfold a startlingly strong-willed visual power.



Dezember 2017

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Installation View, Untitled (Roberta di Camerino), 2011, Ed of 3, 204 cm x 150 cm


Summershow at Cosar HMT

Grouphow 01.06. - 10.07.2016
Cosar HMT, Düsseldorf

mit Melissa Gordon, Martin Klimas, Stefan Sehler, Sara Sizer.

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Installation View, Untitled (Revell), 2011, Ed of 3, 204 cm x 150 cm


Opening Cadman Concept Store





Soloshow 04.11. - 16.12.2011
Cosar HMT, Düsseldorf

High-quality silk scarves provide the thematic background for the new photo series 'Foulard' by Martin Klimas. Their nature oddly ambivalent between two- and three-dimensionality, these scarves are themselves subject to an identity crisis situated between object and picture. They are strange hybrids that are perceived as images and serve as objects.

It is in fact the pictorial character of these fashion accessories that specifically interests Martin Klimas in his current works. The silk scarves on display here not only hold a mirror up to the last 50 years of fashion—Klimas deploys scarves from the 1960s up to the present day—in their own way they also stylistically reflect the art of the time. As fashion, they are more Zeitgeist than avant-garde, do not shape style so much as quote artistic trends such as Abstract Expressionism, Op and Pop Art and make us think of artists like Rothko, Vasarely or Lichtenstein. This reference is what Martin Klimas highlights in his current works, giving yesteryear's motifs back their autonomous character. To the viewer, Klimas' photos look like large-scale paintings caught between figuration and abstraction. Expressively luminous color spaces encounter minimalist geometric patterns that completely take over the picture plane; each fall of the folds becomes an orchestrating gesture modulated by the reflection of the light on the metallically shimmering silk. In association with the patterns, complex perspectival constructions result, opening up intriguing pictorial expanses whose visual power is absolutely bewitching. Martin Klimas' photographic series 'Foulard' testifies, on the one hand, to half a century of fashion history, while at the same time, via the most advanced camera technique, lends the scarves a visual presence they never before enjoyed.

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Juin 2012



29.04.2012 - 10.06.2012 Beijing
22.06.2012 - 22.07.2012 Shanghai
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Fantom Magazine

Spring 2012